Friday, March 7, 2014

Decadent ROAR is now accepting submissions...

So what is Decadent ROAR? It's a new series from Decadent Publishing dedicated to featuring shifter stories about young weres and shifters who have come of age, but now must determine the path of the rest of their lives. It's an exciting time of making your own decisions and not having to seek permission, but then freedom always comes with a cost.

In ROAR, authors are invited to create their own worlds, packs, and tales--all animal shifters are welcome and only one of the protagonists MUST be a shifter. The only requirement is the use of the hotline, which provides these new adults with a hint of a safety net--yet the choices they make will define their futures.

Ultimately the question these stories must answer is not who will they be as adults, but who are they? How do they reconcile everything they've ever known with what can be? It's a new type of shifter romance, with all the love and passion required to achieve a happily ever after...


  1. What is the deadline date for this? I keep a webpage of submission deadline dates.

    1. This is an open call. No deadlines at the moment